Customized Exam Development

Based on your organization's needs, Examplify develops reliable, valid exams to verify learning, support training effectiveness, and improve operational performance.

About Examplify

Examplify produces high-quality, reliable assessment and certification exams needed to improve skills and verify classroom, workplace, or industry knowledge using our proven experience in exam development. Examplify is a wholly owned subsidiary of CompTIA Certifications, LLC.


Our Perspective

Examplify coalesces standard practices and experience to provide a consultative approach to the needs of organizations. We identify gaps and prescribe solutions to meet an organization's mission. Using Job Roles, Skill Mapping and Benchmarking, we are able to customize learning to meet an organization's specific needs.



Case Study

Examplify partnered with Tesco Stores Ltd.

Learn how Examplify helped Tesco Stores Ltd. strengthen their retail sales force in a competitive, fast-paced industry.

Customer Success Stories

Learn how Examplify partnered with these organizations to create customized solutions.

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