Mission Critical: Get Involved!

The Mission Critical Academic and Certification Program

The Mission Critical field is one that holds seemingly limitless opportunity when it comes to earning potential and working in different industries and geographic locations. In order to open up this exciting field to future generations of Mission Critical professionals, the National Consortium for Mission Critical Operations (NCMCO), led by Cleveland Community College in Shelby, North Carolina, has launched one of the nation’s first Mission Critical Operations academic concentrations. Graduating from this two-year program, which will include facility tours and Certification testing along with coursework, will earn each student an Associate in Applied Science Degree in Mission Critical Operations (AAS MCO).

Examplify has partnered with Cleveland Community College to create a Certified Mission Critical Operator (CMCO) exam along with course assessments that will be used in classrooms throughout the two-year degree program. In order to develop the program, we are continually looking for Mission Critical professionals to serve as Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for our development workshops. During our 2016 workshops, among other program development tasks, SMEs will develop practice items for the Certification exam and course assessment items for individual courses within the Mission Critical academic track.

Apply for our Workshop!

Our first workshop in 2016 will be held February 8-12 in Charlotte, North Carolina. This will be a cut score/item writing workshop, in which subject matter experts will be led through the process of analyzing a certification exam in order to establish a passing score. Additionally, subject matter experts will be writing and reviewing practice items for students enrolled in the Mission Critical academic program.

Because the Mission Critical professional’s role is a multidisciplinary one, professionals from across sectors are welcome and encouraged to apply. Some workshops will be geared toward finding common elements across all sectors in order to determine which skills are essential for performance in any Mission Critical role. Others will utilize the knowledge of professionals from specific sectors to create assessments and courseware focused on that particular field. Sectors may include healthcare, government, security, datacenters, manufacturing, energy, banking, emergency management, and many others.

Your help in developing this academic and certification program will not only build on your own professional development, it will also aid in educating future generations of professionals needed to enter this incredibly important field.

If you are interested, please email examdev@comptia.org for more information on specific workshops and how to apply. We look forward to building this program with you!


The Certified Mission Critical Operator (CMCO) Beta Exam

The CMCO exam is currently available in its beta version, and we are always looking for beta exam takers. Passing this exam not only helps build our program, it also earns you the CMCO certification. This will be the first certification exam in the academic program, to be taken at the end of the students’ first year. To take the exam, it is recommended that you have at least one year of experience in the Mission Critical environment and/or one year of Mission Critical education. Topics covered include critical infrastructure, mitigating threats, Mission Critical operations, and information management. For more information on how to register for the exam, along with a downloadable list of exam objectives, visit http://ncmco.us/exams/.