Examplify employs the same expertise used to develop CompTIA’s certification line that is ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 accredited.

Key Features and Criteria

Subject Matter Experts

Established for reviews of development write my essay for me service efforts.
•Facilitation of multiple subject matter expert (SME) workshops.
Skills Definition
Identification of critical job roles and skills necessary for optimal performance
Cognitive complexity level of questions is determined do my homework for me by the target audience
Psychometric Review
Questions are
not compromised,
have balanced difficulty,
and are unbiased.
Question (Item) Development
Items are formulated specifically to avoid
clues to the correct answer, and
measuring objectives for which they are not well suited.
Distractors are constructed to appear as plausible alternative solutions for candidates who have not achieved the objective.
Security Features

•Dedicated proctoring. Candidate identity verification. Forensic analysis of testing data.
Forensic Analysis

Determining the level of an item’s reliability using statistical analysis.